Your Guide to Choosing the Best Grow Tent for Your Plants & Your Budget

Ask any grower what their favorite grow tent is and you’ll probably get a whole bunch of different answers. To some it’s all about reflective power, others it’s about strong bars for heavy lights, others want the best price they can get… the list goes on. There’s tons of grow tent manufacturers out there, but … Read more

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Heavy Metal Deficiencies: Identifying & Treating Boron, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese Issues

Whether you’re growing in soil or you’re using a soilless medium like a hydroponic system, the metals in your feeding program all help your plants taking in nutrients, producing chlorophyll, and helping regulating your plants’ metabolism. While it can be tricky for your plants to have a deficiency in their metals, too much or too … Read more

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CO2 and You: The Benefits of Adding Carbon Dioxide To Your Grow

Why use Co2 in my grow?

There are two main benefits to using Co2 in your indoor garden that I found: greater yield and faster growing. To explain further, plants have a certain amount of moisture and energy in their leaves at all times, and Co2 aids in bringing out that energy to help your plants thrive. By unlocking that stored energy, most growers agree that you will get about 20-30% more yield with an increased growing speed of at least 15%.

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Cover Crops: The Natural Way to Improve the Quality of Your Plants

Adding a few simple cover crops to your outdoor grow can benefit your plants in so many ways. Cover Crops are known to: Slow soil erosion, Improve the health of your soil Enhance your plants’ water availability Control weeds and pests Increase root production Increase your overall yield How? By sewing a cover crop in to … Read more

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Environmental Controllers: Helping Your Grow Reach Perfection

You could plant your garden outside, but we can’t always trust nature to give our plants what they need. That’s why we bring them inside to control their environment to guarantee quality yields. Even still, keeping complete control over your growing area can be tricky unless you’re in or near your grow room 24/7- and … Read more

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